Presentations and Webinars

CEPH offers several types of resources for accredited and non-accredited schools and programs.

Disclaimer: Presentations are intended to provide helpful peer-to-peer information but do not represent CEPH's official position. Each school and program is different, and methods or techniques used successfully by one institution may not always guarantee compliance with CEPH criteria at another institution. Feel free to contact CEPH staff with questions.

Trends 2020

Criteria-related Webinars

Capsule interviews: short-form interviews with schools and programs on accreditation topic

  • June 2020: Senior Accreditation Specialist Olivia Luzzi talks with Rutgers University SPH's Dr. Laura Liang and Dr. Marybec Griffin about moving their interprofessional activities online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Annual Report

2019 CEPH Accreditation & Education Forum

Attendees can access presentations from the forum here

CEPH @ APHA 2018

  • Interactive Workshop @ APHA (November 10, 2018) Slides
  • TA Session: MPH Curriculum (November 11, 2018) Slides
  • TA Session: Bachelor's Curriculum (November 11, 2018) Slides

Future training and technical assistance sessions