Nominate a Site Visitor

CEPH has a strong site visitor pool made up of public health practitioners and academics. We love our volunteers! CEPH keeps a running list of potential site visitor trainees, and we train new site visitor cohorts periodically, based on needs and capacity.

If you would like to nominate a site visitor, or apply yourself, please review the required qualifications and how to apply below.

What is a site visitor?

Site visitors servie the public health field as peer reviewers and help to assure quality in public health higher education.

All site visitors possess:

  1. Strong witing, communication, and analytical skills - attention to detail is key!
  2. Adequate time to prepare for and particpate in the site visit

Who can be a site visitor?


  1. Are a public health practitioner employed in a non-academic setting (or recently retired from such a role)
  2. Possess at least 10 years of professional experience in public health
  3. Have a master’s or doctoral degree in public health or a closely-related field

SPH & PHP Academics:

  1. Hold or held (if retired) a position as an academician (i.e. faculty appointement) at an accredited PHP or SPH
  2. Possess significant administrative and/or leadership experience. Individuals with leadership experience related to accreditation are preferred
  3. Have a doctoral degree or an appropriate professional master's degree with extensive academic experience

SBP Academics:

  1. Hold or held (if retired) an academic position with significant focus at an accredited SBP
  2. Possess significant administrative and/or leadership experience. Individuals with leadership experience related to accreditation are preferred
  3. Have a master's degree in a public health discipline, at a minimum

More information about site visitor qualifications is available on the CEPH Procedures under section 3.

What is the time commitment?

Being a site visitor is a big time committment. Our visitors work hard and commit many hours to this work.

Training:Approximately eight hours of asynchronous and synchronous training

All site visitors must complete training which includes:

  • An online training course which requires six hours of self-paced work over a defined time period
  • A 2-hour, distance-based, live training session with discussion and application exercises. All online modules must be completed before attending the live session.

Site Visits: Aproximately 15-32 hours of work in addition to 3-4 travel days per visit

Site visitors participate in approximately one-to-two site visits a year. Requests for participation typically come to visitors 3-5 months in advance of the site visit.

Each site visit requires the following:

  • Approximately 15-30 hours of preparatory work in the 4-6 weeks immediately preceding the site visit. Preparation includes reviewing documents, drafting report sections, booking travel, and participating in a conference call
  • 3-4 days of travel and on-site work, including full-day agendas and evening meetings
  • Approximately 2 hours after the site visit for editing, review, and final paperwork

I have the time and meet the qualifications, is it worth it?

Our visitors think so!

  • "Overall, my experience with participating has always been positive, even despite bumps in the road from time to time. The pre-visit review and writing are intense activities that require time and effort but when it is all over, I hope that my contributions have been helpful to CEPH and the unit being evaluated."
  • "CEPH accreditation review is a great form of professional development for all the members who participated. This team benefited from our interactions together as much as I hope we benefited CEPH with the review performed."
  • "I am completely happy to return as a reviewer. This says a lot about how much I respect and appreciate my colleagues, and all the efforts put into seeing public health programs succeed. Thank you!"

Nominate a colleague or apply (self-nominations are welcome!)

Email [email protected] with your current CV and use the subject line “site visitor nomination.” CEPH staff will follow up directly with qualified individuals.

Please note that CEPH accepts nominations on a rolling basis, but we often have more academic nominations than available site visitor roles, and we may be more selective of those applicants.

CEPH is currently recruiting practitioner site visitors! Click here for more information.