Who is eligible?

To be eligible for CEPH accreditation at the graduate level, you must:

  1. Offer an MPH (or equivalent professional public health masters degree). You may (and, in the case of schools of public health, must) offer additional degrees, including bachelors and doctoral degrees, but the MPH is the primary key to eligibility for CEPH accreditation.
  2. Be located in a regionally accredited college or university (for US-based programs and schools). For information on international eligibility, see CEPH’s Procedures Manual and contact CEPH staff.
  3. Be prepared to submit an application, as outlined in CEPH’s Procedures Manual, and be prepared to comply with the appropriate set of accreditation criteria (schools of public health or public health programs).

How much does accreditation cost?

The fee for accreditation review and all other fees are outlined in the CEPH 2017 fee schedule.

After accreditation, accredited schools and programs pay an annual support fee each year, including years in which there is an accreditation review. The fee schedule also outlines the fees for other services including consultation visits, which are required for all applicant schools and programs.  For further details on making payments, click here or contact John Conklin.

How long does the process take?

The review process for first-time accreditation is approximately three years from the date of the application’s acceptance to the date of the Council’s official decision. See CEPH’s FAQ document on time to accreditation for more information.

What are the first steps?

  1. Review CEPH’s Accreditation Criteria (for schools or programs) to ensure that you understand what the expectations for accreditation will be.
  2. Review CEPH’s Procedures Manual, with particular attention to the section that describes the application process (pp. 6-8).
  3. E-mail or call CEPH staff. Kristen Varol regularly works with schools and programs as they prepare the application for submission. She or another staff member will be pleased to answer your questions and help you understand the process and can ensure that you receive notices about upcoming CEPH technical assistance presentations or webinars.
  4. After your discussion with CEPH staff, request a consultation visit if that is necessary to begin your planning process.
  5. After your discussion with CEPH staff, plan a timeline for submitting your application. Applications are considered twice a year at the Council’s spring and fall meetings. Please note that the Council did not accept applications in fall 2016 and will review and accept applications in winter 2017 instead. Upcoming meeting dates appear on the CEPH website, as do deadlines for submitting materials for the Council’s consideration.
  6. Use the application template for SPHs, PHPs or SBPs to prepare your application.

How do I submit an application?

If you have not already done so, contact CEPH staff by e-mail or phone before submitting an application! Kristen Varol regularly works with schools and programs as they prepare the application for submission. She or another staff member can often help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

Prepare your application exactly as indicated in the CEPH Procedures Manual using the application template for SPHs, PHPs or SBPs. The application should address each request by number/letter.

Submit an electronic copy by email to submissions@ceph.org.

Your application will be considered at the next Council meeting for which the docket remains open. See CEPH’s upcoming deadlines for additional information.