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The Department of Public Health is housed within the College of Health and Human Services at Western Kentucky University (WKU). WKU became the first university in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to offer an accredited MPH degree in 2002.

The department offers two public health degrees: Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) and the Master of Public Health (MPH). The BSPH has two concentrations: health education and environmental health. Similarly, the MPH offers two concentrations: health education and environmental health.

The mission of the Master of Public Health Program is to prepare highly competent public health practitioners through instruction, research and service, and to enhance the health status and quality of life of diverse populations in local, state, national and global communities. The MPH program exemplifies WKU’s mission of preparing students to be productive, engaged leaders in a global society, providing service and lifelong learning opportunities for constituents, and stewarding a high quality of life.

At WKU and well beyond our campus, public health is a critical component to society. There are many reasons students choose a career in public health, but when you scratch the surface of any professional in our field, they will tell you what they care about most is social justice, eliminating poverty, promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing premature disease and death, and making our world a better place to live.

Website: wku.edu/publichealth/degree_graduates.php

Western Kentucky University

Student Testimonial

Western Kentucky University
Mary Jill Murphy
BSPH 2012
Government Operations Consultant
Disease Control Prevention and Preparedness
Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County

"I could not have ever imagined how well my undergraduate studies in Public Health at Western Kentucky University would prepare me as a public health professional upon graduating in 2012. I am convinced that the comprehensive public health curriculum I completed, spanning from epidemiology to community health, gave me a “one up” during my job search. The preparation I received academically, personally and professionally equipped me to successfully compete against a pool of 4,000 highly qualified applicants for one of 130 slots in the Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) with the Centers for Disease Control Prevention and Preparedness (CDC)."

"Not only did my undergraduate work enable me to acquire a job with the leading public health agency in the world, but it also gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to survive and thrive once I began my career. My supervisor to this day is surprised at the vast array of public health knowledge that was bestowed upon me during my undergraduate studies. I am able to complete epidemiological curves during outbreak investigations and also assist in implementing school health programs. Even though I am two years removed from graduation, my professors as well as internship preceptors have become mentors and constant resources in my personal and professional development. I know I will continue to reap the benefits of the Public Health program at Western Kentucky University regardless of where I work or study, and for that I am tremendously thankful."