The College of New Jersey


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Nestled between New York and Philadelphia, Public Health at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) offers all the benefits of a university center with individualized attention and small classes. Our award-winning undergraduate/graduate programs engage with statewide initiatives like “Nurture NJ” and local interventions reducing health disparities like those at Princeton Department of Health. Students benefit from rich internships and career opportunities, many supervised by our alumni who are recognized leaders working locally, nationally and globally.

TCNJ uniquely offers funded research opportunities like Graduate Assistantships and Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experiences and our faculty have practice grant positions fostering close relations between student and faculty interests. Graduate and undergraduate teams present findings at prestigious conferences and in publications.

Students take advantage of our 5-year BS/MPH program, thriving in close-knit cohorts. Students customize their education through new certificates in Health Communications, Health Education, and Global Health, and the MBA/MPH program.