The MSc in Public Health is located in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine of the School of Public Health at the French-speaking Université de Montréal—the second largest university in Canada with 66,988 students. The program was created in 1976 and in 2005 became the first CEPH-accredited Canadian public health program, admitting 25-30 students a year, including 10% of students with foreign visas. In June 2013, specialty areas in health promotion, management/health policy, epidemiology, practice of biostatistics, environmental health, global health and one health replaced the generalist practice curriculum. Larger cohorts (about 60) are now admitted, responding to a growing demand for French-language public health training. Students’ four-month internships unfold at one of several regional or national public health organizations closely linked to the school or with development projects abroad. Students graduating from the program go on to hold positions in government-funded public health organizations and local and international NGOs.


University of Tennessee Knoxville