Third-Party Comments

The request for third-party comments provides a school or program’s stakeholders with the opportunity to submit feedback to CEPH on the school or program and its practices, procedures and policies.

Students, alumni, faculty, staff, community partners and members of the general public are all stakeholders who may make a third-party comment during this process. Anyone who feels that he or she has relevant information may submit a third-party comment, including individuals who are also participating in the site visit and self-study, if they feel they have something additional to add.

No. CEPH encourages schools and programs to solicit as much feedback as possible and to involve stakeholders as much as possible at various points in the self-study process. The third-party comment process, however, is a broader, more general call for comment. It is different from other types of feedback you will seek because 1) respondents’ comments may be sent directly to CEPH, whereas other types of feedback should go to your self-study team so that you can consider them and 2) it does not require reference to the self-study document. It may be a more general comment about the program or school’s operations, quality, etc.

The form of such notice is at the discretion of the school or program. Notification methods might include a notice posted in a visible location, an announcement in a regular newsletter for constituents, an advertisement in the campus newspaper, a notice published on the website, e-mail listservs, or in the mail or other means of communication.

All third-party comments should be sent directly to CEPH. Provide the e-mail address [email protected] and provide CEPH’s mailing address as well.

The notice must 1) notify the public that a CEPH accreditation review is scheduled, 2) indicate that CEPH is accepting written comments until 30 days before the site visit, 3) include CEPH’s mailing address and the e-mail address [email protected] and 4) provide the specific deadline for submitting written comments.

Approximately three months before the scheduled site visit, a school or program should notify its major stakeholders about the opportunity to submit third-party comments.

Comments from third-parties will be accepted by CEPH until 30 days before the scheduled site visit.