Accreditation Statistics

CEPH accredits 256 schools and programs.

  • 68 schools of public health (SPH)
  • 160 public health programs (PHP)
  • 28 standalone baccalaureate programs (SBP)

Click here for information on the difference between schools and programs.

Recent accreditation decisions, by meeting, are available here.

CEPH currently has approximately 35 applicant units. Applicant status does not necessarily guarantee that institutions will ultimately be accredited, but applicants must meet certain eligibility standards to proceed toward accreditation. For more information on current applicants, click here.

The institutions that offer CEPH-accredited or CEPH-applicant educational programs constitute the only verifiable estimate of US public health offerings.

CEPH does not keep a tally of unaccredited public health programs. However, in 2018, research showed that there are approximately 300 institutions awarding graduate public health degrees.

CEPH conducted:

  • 41 site visits in 2023
  • 48 site visits in 2022
  • 41 site visits in 2021
  • 30 site visits in 2020
  • 30 site visits in 2019
  • 30 site visits in 2018
  • 37 site visits in 2017
  • 32 site visits in 2016
  • 38 site visits in 2015