FAQs: Diversity

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is dedicated to promoting excellence in public health education and recognizing the critical role diversity, equity, and inclusion play in achieving this goal. Accredited schools and programs have a responsibility to prepare future public health professionals who are capable of addressing the unique challenges faced by diverse populations. As the accrediting body, we firmly believe that embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment are essential components of the educational process.

Our accreditation process acknowledges that diversity goes beyond numerical representation and encompasses many characteristics and facets. We want to assure all schools and programs seeking accreditation that compliance with CEPH accreditation criteria will never require actions or statements that conflict with federal or state laws. We encourage schools and programs to align their practices with institutional, state, and federal guidelines while advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Self-study responses to criteria that focus on diversity might focus on geographic or other communities that are particularly relevant to the school or program’s mission. We know that many schools and programs have local or global community partners and/or may engage populations such as veterans, faith groups, and first-generation college students. Self-study responses may focus on educational and extracurricular programming, scholarship, community engagement, outreach, and other efforts that are not directly tied to admissions or hiring practices.

Additionally, at its March 1, 2024 meeting, the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) adopted a revision of the Accreditation Criteria for Schools of Public Health and Public Health Programs. The revision, part of a process underway since 2020, addresses themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please note: these changes relate to criteria for accredited units in our SPH and PHP categories only—no changes relate to the criteria for Standalone Baccalaureate Programs (SBP).

CEPH staff are available to assist schools and programs with any questions.