Overview of recent site visits: September 2018-June 2019

Here at the Council on Education for Public Health, we love data and we love evaluations! We are always evaluating site visits, webinars, workshops, site visitors, and even ourselves. We find it extremely important to not only gather feedback, but to then analyze it, present the findings in a way that is useful to our stakeholders, and use those findings as a guide for improvement. For anyone that has worked with us (schools and programs - I am looking at you!) knows that we love talking about the feedback loop.

CEPH has some preliminary insights from site visits that have occurred between September 2018 and June 2019. Why is this important? These represent site visits that have all occurred using the 2016 Accreditation Criteria for Schools and Programs.

Initial site visitor impressions on comparing a site visit guided by the old criteria versus the 2016 criteria showed that an overwhelming majority of visitors stated the 2016 criteria made for a smoother site visit. This is great news for units that are preparing for their upcoming review!

Some other fun facts about site visits from September 2018-June 2019:

  • 29 site visits
  • 6 school visits
  • 23 program visits
  • 7 initial accreditations
  • 60 site visitors
  • Visits in the United States, Lebanon & Puerto Rico

Written by Alisha O'Connell, MPH