CEPH Site Visit Milestones: Recognizing Dedication & Expertise

How are we already halfway through 2023? Congratulations to all the schools and programs who successfully completed a site visit this past semester. CEPH conducted a total of 16 site visits, not including the follow-up and consultations visits we did as well! As we reflect on the site visits that took place from January to June 2023, we want to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of our incredible site visitors, without whom, we couldn’t do this work.

Let's give a big round of applause to our fearless first-time site visitors: Tom Burroughs, Christopher Hoff, Rachel Mahas, Justice Mbizo, Sandra Melvin, Mark Mooney, Brandye Nobiling, and Natasha Ray! These rockstars brought their A-game and injected a burst of energy into the evaluation process. Their fresh perspectives and dedication to promoting excellence in public health education deserve a standing ovation. Kudos to this fantastic group for making their mark on site visits!

Furthermore, we recognize the leadership of Dalana Johnson and Wendy Parker, who chaired site visits for the first time this spring. Their guidance and expertise ensured the smooth execution of the evaluation process, maintaining high standards throughout. We applaud their ability to navigate the complexities of site visits and their commitment to advancing the field of public health education.

Next, let’s give a shout-out to Ela Austin, who nailed five site visits, and Matt Richardson, who rocked ten! Ela's consistent participation and Matt's wealth of experience and commitment have contributed greatly to the site visit process. We commend them for their dedication and invaluable feedback, fostering continuous improvement in public health education. Thank you for your work, Ela and Matt!

Congratulations to David Dyjack and Carl Hanson, who have reached a significant milestone of fifteen site visits each. Their expertise in evaluating public health programs has played a pivotal role in advancing the field. Through their knowledge and dedication to excellence, David and Carl have made a substantial impact on public health education over the years.

Finally, we celebrate the exceptional accomplishment of Matthew Stefanak, who has completed an impressive thirty site visits. Matt's commitment and expertise have shaped the landscape of public health education. His contributions have not only enhanced schools and programs but also served as an inspiration to others in the field. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Matt for this remarkable milestone and his invaluable contributions to public health education.

Written by: Cara Damico Smith, MPH