2023 Criteria Revisions

Revisions to Accreditation Criteria: diversity, equity, and inclusion

On October 2, 2023, the Council on Education for Public Health agreed in principle to a set of revisions to the Accreditation Criteria for Schools and Programs of Public Health, amended August 2021. The revisions reflect the work of multiple Council subcommittees and full group discussions over the last two years and aim to address themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the context of the current environment.

CEPH’s process now provides for an open comment period during which any interested parties may provide feedback on the proposed revisions. We encourage you to share this invitation to comment with your colleagues and welcome all perspectives.

A marked up version of the criteria document, highlighting the proposed changes, is available in the document linked below. Note that this change applies only to the criteria for SPH and PHP. Standalone Baccalaureate Programs will not be affected by this change, as the SBP criteria are currently undergoing a regularly scheduled revision cycle.

Webinar on the proposed changes:

Slides and a recording from the November 8 webinar are available elsewhere on the CEPH website.

Next steps:

The Council will review all comments at its March 1, 2024 meeting. Based on the comments, the Council will either act to adopt a set of revised criteria OR will promulgate another draft for public comment. When the Council adopts revised criteria, it will define an implementation timeline. We do not plan to require any interim or compliance reporting from units based on this revision and will provide ample notice to all units with upcoming reviews about how the revision will or will not impact their self-study preparation.

Feel free to contact Mollie Mulvanity with any questions about the criteria revision process.