Pre-Application Orientation Webinar

What is the P-AOW?

Participation in a P-AOW is required for all schools and programs planning to pursue an initial application submission (IAS). More information can be found in CEPH's procedures document.

The P-AOW focuses on key components and requirements of CEPH accreditation, including information on preparing a successful IAS. The P-AOW requires three steps:

  1. Watch the CEPH Overview
  2. Watch the P-AOW Part A
  3. Watch the P-AOW Part B

Each slide set is a PowerPoint with voiceover to provide context to the material on the slides. After downloading and opening each file, choose “[Play] From Beginning” in the "Slide Show" menu at the top of the screen. The audio will begin, and the slides will advance at the appropriate times.

P-AOW Part A

P-AOW Part B

Request the recorded slides

Units completing the P-AOW in 2022 for the first time must request this slide set before the first draft of the IAS may be submitted.

If you have any questions about the P-AOW or IAS, email [email protected]