Pre-Application Orientation Webinar

What is the P-AOW?

Participation in a P-AOW is required for all schools and programs planning to pursue an initial application submission (IAS). More information can be found in CEPH's procedures document.

The P-AOW focuses on key components and requirements of CEPH accreditation, including information on preparing a successful IAS. The P-AOW requires three steps:

  1. Watch the CEPH Overview
  2. Watch the P-AOW Part A
  3. Watch the P-AOW Part B

CEPH Overview

Click here to watch the CEPH Overview

This brief PowerPoint overview includes voiceover to provide context to the material on the slides. After downloading and opening the file, choose “[Play] From Beginning” in the "Slide Show" menu at the top of the screen. The audio will begin, and the slides will advance at the appropriate times. Please contact CEPH if you have trouble with this document.

P-AOW Part A

P-AOW Part B

More information coming soon!

If you have any questions about the P-AOW or IAS, email [email protected]