Trends 2020

The Landscape of Public Health Education

CEPH's Trends 2020 highlights key facts about accredited public health schools and programs in the first three years after the implementation of revised accreditation criteria in 2016. In each of the documents linked below, you will find observations and examples addressing the period of time from implementation in late 2016 through the end of 2019.

Trends 2020 is presented in 16 standalone documents.

  • The teal blue box presents background information and definitions used throughout the materials. Read this document first.
  • The dark red boxes present information on MPH and DrPH curricular design and structure.
  • The dark blue boxes address the impact of the revised criteria on specific, key topic areas.
  • The orange boxes present data on the range and type of degree and concentration offerings in accredited units.
  • The bright red boxes present vignettes and case studies on approaches to addressing selected curricular requirements.

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