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In 1970, two educators were inspired to create opportunities for working professionals where there were none. Our founders saw the potential of distance learning to help adult learners earn advanced degrees. Since then, we’ve helped reshape access to high-quality education for more than 140,000 graduates, and we’re ready to empower you.

Public health professionals are the unsung heroes of our time, confronting challenges ranging from the opioid crisis to viral outbreaks like COVID-19. Join the ranks of these global change leaders with a Master of Public Health or Doctor of Public Health degree from Walden.

You’ll learn from practicing public health experts and use data to explore solutions to problems in the field. Walden's cutting-edge online curriculum comes equipped with interactive and enhanced media, simulating real world public health problems and solutions. Explore engaging, challenging curriculum that’s enriched by the perspectives of students and faculty from all over the world.

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