Ponce Health Sciences University’s (PHSU) Public Health Program (PHP) was founded in 2002. It awards degrees at the master’s and doctoral levels.

The Master of Public Health (MPH) has three tracks: general, epidemiology and environmental health. The program is the recipient of the Environmental Education award from the EPA. The Doctorate of Public Health in epidemiology allows students to enter a variety of fellowships.

Key strengths include a bicultural and bilingual environment, access to basic sciences, environmental research laboratories, small class sizes and internships. Faculty have extensive experience in public health decision-making, outbreak investigations, epidemiological surveillance, violence, environmental health and nutrition. Faculty are also engaged in promoting the development of practical application courses, including Epi-Aid Teams to support the government during an emergency. Students enter real-world practicums with the skills they need to solve real problems.

Website: http://psm.edu/home.html/

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