Oregon Health & Science University/Portland State University

OHSU/PSU CampusOHSU-PSU School of Public Health: A great place to make a world of a difference. Two of Oregon's leading universities have joined forces to educate the next generation of public health leaders, with a vision of ending health disparities in Oregon and around the globe.

This unique collaboration combines the strengths of a world-class academic health center with the deep community involvement and diversity of the state's urban research university. Our vision is to become the premier destination in Oregon for students of all backgrounds who want to enter the health field and improve lives in their communities.

Oregon Health & Science University is known internationally for groundbreaking and life-saving research in cancer and medicine. Portland State University is a national model for community engagement and academic innovation. Together, the two universities offer unmatched opportunity for students to learn in the classroom and in real-world settings.


Website: http://ohsu-psu-sph.org/