National Taiwan University



NTU College of Public Health is the earliest public health school in Taiwan. The College’s Global Health Program (GHP) is a multidisciplinary program aiming at equipping students with academic and practical expertise to address public health issues locally and globally. It is an English program with an international student body and faculty from backgrounds in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, such as anthropology, law, sociology, communications, epidemiology, policy and management, and environmental and occupational health sciences. Accredited by CEPH, we adhere to the CEPH core values diligently, manifested in our course design. Examples include the Global Health: Perspectives and Practices, a one-week immersion course co-taught by indigenous scholars and GHP faculty, and the Global Mental Health and Suicide Prevention and Practice in the Community, promoting global and local mental health advocacy and research. We also partner with the Fulbright Foundation and have multiple scholarship opportunities

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