The Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health (NOCPH), a joint effort of the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University, offers the Master Degree in Public Health. The NOCPH MPH offers the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of public health by choosing among five majors:

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Science focuses on recognition, evaluation and control of human exposures to contaminated air, water, soil and food. Emergency and disaster planning, preparation and recognition also are emphasized.
Public Health Epidemiology involves factors affecting disease and disability in populations. As a fundamental science of public health and preventive medicine, epidemiology traditionally has focused on causation through population studies for both infectious and chronic diseases.
Health Promotion and Education focuses on methods for planning, implementing and evaluating educational and behavioral changes as well as programs that enhance health.
Public Health Administration prepares graduates to assume administrative responsibilities in healthcare agencies, government and community organizations and private industry.
Public Health Nutrition integrates the knowledge, skills and experiences fundamental to all public health disciplines and applies this integrated knowledge to alleviate diet related problems among diverse populations.

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