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Our MPH’s mission is to transform students from diverse backgrounds into well rounded public health practitioners who will lead their communities to improved population health and health equity. We value collaborative learning, being inclusive and community-grounded, while seeking excellence in health promotion and disease prevention. Our goals are to advance an experiential learning pedagogy through our online state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary curriculum to meet the challenges of an ever-changing public health profession; embrace a community-wide culture of applied research, continuous quality improvement and lifelong learning; and challenge students to be agents of change to address health equity and promote service in all communities.

Our curriculum platform is delivered online, so that the MPH program has a flexible structure that accommodates working schedules where students can complete their degree in under *2 years. Our accelerated program is ideal for professionals seeking career advancement in public health. The classes are small with easy access to faculty, individual and group work maximizing each student's learning potential with innovative teaching methodologies. Implementation of leadership techniques along with the public health content prepares graduates to become leaders in public health and health equity.

*Full time is 2 courses per academic term, 4 terms per calendar year, part time options are available but will extend the 2-year accelerated program completion date.

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