Indiana University - Bloomington

The Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington reimagines public health through a comprehensive approach that enhances and expands disease prevention and reshapes how parks, tourism, sports, physical activity and nutrition impact and enhance wellness. The school’s multidisciplinary approach, history of community engagement and emerging strengths in epidemiology, biostatistics and environmental health bring new vigor and energy to the traditional concept of a school of public health.

The school serves 3,000 students in an array of undergraduate and advanced degree programs and more than 130 faculty in five academic departments. Faculty and students conduct research, learn, teach and engage with communities across a broad spectrum of health, wellness and disease-prevention topics. The school administers Campus Recreational Sports, which serves roughly 80 percent of the student body through various intramural, club and individual fitness opportunities. The school also offers eight MPH concentrations, including its newest in the area of physical activity.