University of Arizona

Arizona’s first and only accredited college of public health, the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is uniquely situated in the culturally rich and diverse Southwest that includes the Sonoran desert, mountains, cool pine forests, and is only a few hours from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The Zuckerman College of Public Health offers tremendous opportunities to its students for education, research and community involvement thanks to a locale rich in history, research opportunities and university academic resources.

The College’s interdisciplinary activities are enhanced by being part of the Arizona Health Sciences Center with campuses in Tucson and Phoenix. The College consistently ranks among the top five in American Indian and Hispanic graduates and students enrolled among 44 accredited schools of public health, according to recent data from the Association of Schools of Public Health.

The Zuckerman College of Public Health offers an active academic curriculum that includes undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees. Students have numerous opportunities to participate in service learning courses that take place on Indian reservations, along the US-Mexico border, in rural and urban communities, and in conjunction with rural hospitals. Faculty, students and alumni are recognized as national and international leaders for their research productivity and integration into communities across Arizona, the Southwest, Mexico and the globe. They have developed new approaches to chronic disease prevention, community public health preparedness, family wellness and advocacy for public health policy as they participate on national and international advisory committees.