Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


wendy parker and students looking at computer

As one of 20 standalone Public Health programs accredited by CEPH, the Public Health program at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is on the forefront of transforming the role of public health in society.

A signature part of the program is the ability to explore and utilize biology, genetics, data analysis, and community-based research to shape perspectives and develop actionable initiatives that can impact public health. Recent graduates are working in various programs and activities for State and local Departments of Health, are practicing lawyers, are running local not-for-profit organizations and community initiatives, or are clinical providers (or providers in training) combining public health practice with clinical health care.

One of the cornerstones of the program is the ability to get hands-on experience outside of the classroom either via conducting research or working in communities battling various health disparities. Students collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of health care professionals through our innovative public/private partnerships and develop critical skills in empathy and cross-cultural competence that will fully prepare them to work with a multitude of populations.