What if my institution’s curricular review and approval process extends beyond when the compliance report is due?

CEPH believes strongly in using accreditation best practice, and best practice calls for us to ensure compliance with any changes to criteria within as short a period of time as possible. Although the USDE regulations give us some discretion in defining appropriate phase-in periods when we adopt new criteria, a two-year period aligns with the regulations on how long we are allowed to maintain accreditation of an institution that is out of compliance with one or more criteria. CEPH also tries to maintain fairness and consistency as key principles. Schools and programs with site visits in 2018 will begin using the new criteria, so it is important that other schools and programs demonstrate compliance to maintain fairness and constancy.

Will CEPH review a draft of my compliance report?

Based on the requests we’ve been receiving from schools and programs for half-day consult visits, we’ve developed a system to provide the most feedback possible to a greater number of schools and programs through a series of online, group consultations.

Each consultation will have up to eight school or program participants (multiple representatives from one school/program are welcome to participate).  The consultations will provide institutions with the opportunity to receive detailed, in-depth feedback from CEPH staff and to share ideas and strategies with other schools and programs. The registration fee is $150 per school/program.

Two hour consultation sessions will be available between March and October. Each participant school or program must submit a draft of the compliance report ten days before the session.

2018 Small-group online consultation schedule:

Coming soon!

Please do not hesitate to contact the CEPH office if you have any questions.

How should we submit our compliance report? How should we name the syllabi and other documents submitted as supporting materials with the compliance report?
  • The required data templates in the compliance report MUST be submitted in a single Excel file with a sheet/tab for each table named appropriately. Word or PDF format will not be accepted.
  • Each syllabus should be a separate document. If PDF is used, the file MUST be searchable.
  • File names should align with references in the data templates. For example, if Template D2-2 lists “PUBH 711: Global Health Perspectives” in the second column and “Community needs assessment project” in the third column, the files should be named something like “PUBH 711 syllabus” and “PUBH 711 comm needs assessment.”
  • If file size is a concern for emailing, all files may be grouped in a .zip file.
  • Please email your complete compliance report to submissions@ceph.org.