For academic public health degrees (eg, MS and PhD), does each concentration need a completely distinct set of concentration competencies or could some competencies be repeated across concentrations?

We don’t require that the competencies for academic degrees all be different. As long as the competency set, as a whole, reflects the nature of the degree and the intended preparation of researchers/scholars (as opposed to practitioners), it makes sense that some of the basic skills would be the same. However, identical full sets would not be acceptable.

For PhD programs with multiple concentrations, how many advanced-level courses or credits do we need for each?

The criteria do not state how many courses or credits are required; rather, the review is focused on competencies. Reviewers need to see an appropriate set of competencies for each concentration that articulate what students are going to be able to do by completing the specific program of study, and then they’re going to validate that there is appropriate coursework to allow that to happen.