It looks as though measurable objectives have been removed in the 2016 criteria. Is the Council still looking for schools and programs to set thresholds for data?

CEPH has shifted its emphasis from a granular focus on data inputs to clear statements about how schools and programs are accountable for their goals and the two main themes of advancing the field of public health and promoting student success. The intention is to allow for more flexibility in evaluation practices while also allowing reviewers to look at measures more rigorously and holistically. Schools and programs should develop truly meaningful evaluation measures and make sure that they align with their mission and goals.

For each measure, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What does the measure tell you about one of your goals?
  • Why do you track it? (Other than the fact that you can.) What are you looking for? Why does it matter?
  • Can you discuss the findings and act on them?