Accreditation Criteria for Schools and Programs

  • 2016 Accreditation Criteria
      • CEPH does not make substantive changes to documents after they have been adopted by the Council. However, as we work with our schools and programs to respond to the criteria, we may identify opportunities for clarification that can be achieved by making minor changes to the criteria language and/or documentation requests. For full transparency, a red line version of the document will be added to this page each time a change is made so that comparisons to the previous version can be made easily.

Opportunities for feedback and consultation

How do I get feedback on my data templates and/or proposed curriculum?


When will schools and programs need to demonstrate compliance with the new criteria?

All schools and programs must demonstrate compliance no later than December 31, 2018. All accredited and applicant schools and programs will receive an individualized letter from CEPH by December 1, 2016 that explains specifically what needs to be done.

What will the report for schools and programs reviewed under the 2016 Accreditation Criteria look like?


When and where can I learn about the 2016 criteria revision?

Frequently Asked Questions

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