Occasionally, the Council prepares and distributes discussion papers, called technical assistance papers, that expand on policy or that provide practical suggestions about how CEPH’s criteria and procedures may be operationalized.

Technical Assistance papers may be revised as often as necessary  and their distribution may take various forms. In all cases, however, technical assistance papers:

  1. are not policy documents of the Council, but must be consistent with current policy;
  2. do not establish new or additional expectations of applicants, although they may elaborate on current requirements;
  3. are not adopted by the CEPH governing body but are reviewed by the board or administrative committee prior to their distribution, in order to assure consistency with current policy; and
  4. identify the purpose and limitations of the discussion paper, including a disclaimer that references the location of relevant official policy.

The Council hopes that these papers are helpful to you and welcomes feedback on how they might be improved.
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