CEPH offers several types of resources for accredited and non-accredited schools and programs. For an index by topic, click here.

Disclaimer: Presentations are intended to provide helpful peer-to-peer information but do not represent CEPH’s official position. Each school and program is different, and methods or techniques used successfully by one institution may not always guarantee compliance with CEPH criteria at another institution. Feel free to contact CEPH staff with questions.


2016 Criteria for Schools and Programs

TA Webinar: Case studies on the new MPH curriculum (June 8, 2018) Slides | Video Recording (provide name and email for access) | CDU Systems Thinking Course

TA Webinar: Building Curricula from Competencies: Approaches and Practical Tips from an Instructional Design Perspective (May 23, 2018) SlidesSample syllabusVideo Recording (provide name and email to access recording) | 

TA Webinar: Summary of compliance reporting – first round results and highlights of best practices (March 30, 2018) Slides | Handout | Video Recording (provide name and email to access recording)

APHA 2017 TA Session – New approaches to the MPH curriculum: a series of case studies (November 4, 2017) Slides

TA Webinar: Populating data templates (August 23, 2017) Slides

TA Webinar: Competency mapping & assessment (May 17, 2017) Slides | Video Recording

TA Webinar: Guiding statements and evaluation (Feb. 22, 2017) Slides

TA Webinar: MPH curriculum & faculty resources (Dec. 2, 2016) Slides | Video Recording

ASPPH CEPH criteria rollout redux (Nov. 17, 2016) Webinar

CEPH criteria rollout Presentations


Standalone Baccalaureate Program Accreditation

CEPH Accreditation Process and Timeline – A deep dive (2018 ASPPH UG Summit) Slides


CEPH Criteria Revision Discussions

The New Public Health Core: Matching Workforce Needs to Academic Training (2016 SOPHE Annual Meeting) Slides


Self-Study Preparation Experiences

Mercer University MPH Program (2012 APHA Annual Meeting) Slides

Northeastern University MPH Program in Urban Health (2012 APHA Annual Meeting) Slides


Collaborative Organizational Structures

Lessons Learned from Collaborative Schools and Programs (2013 APHA Annual Meeting) Slides



Diversity Criterion: Successful Strategies for Responding (2015 ASPPH Annual Meeting) Slides

Developing a School-wide Policy on Diversity and Inclusion (2015 ASPPH Annual Meeting) Slides

Addressing the Diversity Criterion at VCU MPH Program (2015 ASPPH Annual Meeting) Slides


Case-based Approach in Core Courses

Case-based Learning & Transdisciplinary Education at Washington University in St. Louis (2012 APHA Annual Meeting) Slides

Case-based Learning at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (2012 APHA Annual Meeting) Slides


Workforce Development

Identifying Ways to Achieve a Successful Workforce Development Program (2008 APHA Annual Meeting)
Practice Workforce Training (World Federation of Public Health Associations, Istanbul, Turkey, April 27, 2009)



Case Studies in Program Evaluation
Dartmouth Program Evaluation (2015 APHA Annual Meeting, CEPH TA Sessions)
Kansas State Program Evaluation – Are objectives being met? (2015 APHA Annual Meeting, CEPH TA Sessions)

Future training and technical assistance sessions