US Department of Education includes standalone baccalaureate public health preparation in scope of CEPH recognition.

February 2011

CEPH assembles group of thought leaders to discuss quality assurance in baccalaureate public health. Read the summary of the meeting.

June 2011

The Council discusses recommendations from thought leaders meeting and decides to move ahead with accreditation of standalone baccalaureate public health programs.

The Council adopts revised accreditation criteria for public health schools and programs that includes criteria for baccalaureate degrees.

October 2011

The Council forms three workgroups to advise on substantive issues related to future accreditation criteria for baccalaureate programs in public health:

  • Faculty Qualifications
  • Program Evaluation and Student Learning Outcomes
  • Leadership, Management and Governance

Spring 2012

CEPH participates in the development of critical component elements of a public health baccalaureate degree in a joint effort with academic and professional public health representatives.

June 2012

The Council plans to discuss the recommendations from the three workgroups and to develop criteria for accreditation of standalone baccalaureate public health programs.

Winter 2013

The Council released the proposed criteria for standalone baccalaureate programs in public health for public comment.


Spring 2013

The Council considered all comments submitted during the comment period.

The Council adopted the criteria, criteria, after incorporating revisions that arose from the public comments.

Fall 2013

The Council amended the Accreditation Procedures to include Standalone Baccalaureate Programs in public health.
The Council released the SBP application template and is now accepting accepting applications.