2024 SBP Criteria Revision


On March 1, 2024, the Council on Education for Public Health agreed in principle to a set of revisions to the Accreditation Criteria for Standalone Baccalaureate Programs, amended June 2018.

While the proposed changes, if adopted, will initially apply only to SBP units, any revisions to curricular requirements that are adopted will later be incorporated into the criteria for SPH and PHP that have bachelor’s programs. Therefore, we strongly encourage SPH and PHP that offer (or plan to offer) bachelor’s degrees to carefully review proposed criteria B1-B6.

CEPH used a large, open-ended survey to inform the curricular revision. This survey elicited information on the most important skills and abilities, knowledge or topic areas, and important components of a program outside of the curriculum. CEPH recieved 446 responses from public health faculy, employers & preceptors, bachelor's students & alumni, and other interested parties (i.e., graduate alumni and faculty not associated with a BSPH program). The Council created a committee to undertake the revision. In addition to the large open-ended survey, the committee also used additional data, including history of compliance-related issues, to identify and prioritize other areas of revision. Read more about the revision process here.

Summary of revisions:

Criterion Topic(s) Change
A3 Faculty Engagement This is a new criterion designed to provide clarity on demonstrating currency for part-time faculty.
*B1 Public Health Curriculum Reduced complexity: 2018 Criteria contain 11 major curricular domains with 40 "subdomain" elements to map.

Draft revised criteria require units to demonstrate coverage of 14 public health domains--only 14 elements to map. Some new concepts: social justice & health equity, critical thinking. Other elements reorganized, rephrased & streamlined.
*B2 Foundational Competencies Competencies were revised for clarity and to remove repetition.
*B3 Concentration Competencies Previously embedded within Criterion B2 for SBP. Separated to provide additional clarity.
*B4 Workforce Preparation Requires all students to complete workforce preparation activities in seven concept areas. Replaces previous "cross-cutting" domains.
*B5 Experiential Learning Requires all students have appropriate experiential learning opportunities that allow them to learn by doing. New requirement.
*B6 Culminating Experience Revised for clarity
C1 Program Effectiveness Revised for clarity
C2 Graduation Rates and Progress Criterion substantially revised to reflect unique needs of the bachelor's context.

Programs must implement a process to monitor student progress, analyzing trends and key data points and outcomes.
C3 Graduating Student & Recent Alumni Outcomes and Perceptions Criterion substantially revised. This proposed criterion combines elements of 2018 Criterion C3 with elements of 2018 Criterion C4.

Programs must track data related to post-graduation placements, employment related to degree offering, and alumni perceptions of the usefulness of the curriculum.

Criterion now includes what were previously implicit expectations and best practices, e.g., begin collecting info on post-grad plans before students graduate to minimize need for follow up and increase known outcomes.
C4 External Feedback (Advisory Group) New requirement: programs must assemble external advisory group or equivalent body. Replaces 2018's separate expectation for data collection from employers, since employers must be included in the advisory group.
D, E, F Program faculty and other resources Minimal, non-substantive edits for clarity or streamlining
G Advising Minor edits for clarity
H1 Diversity and Inclusion Combined requirements to reduce redundancy. No changes made to content of previous criteria.
I, J Transparency & Accuracy, Distance Education Minor edits for clarity

*Denotes criteria that will eventually be "harmonized into" the SPH & PHP criteria so that requirements are the same for all CEPH-accredited units that offer public health bachelor's degrees.

Learn more about the revised criteria:

Register for an informational webinar on April 5, 2:00-3:00 pm ET.

A recording and slides will be available on the CEPH website within 24 hours of the webinar's completion.

Submit comments on the revised criteria:

The revised criteria document is available at the link below.

The comment period will close on July 10, 2024.

Next steps:

The Council will review all comments at its August 16, 2024 meeting. Based on the comments, the Council will either act to adopt a set of revised criteria OR will release another draft for public comment. When the Council adopts revised criteria, it will define an implementation timeline.

Feel free to contact Mollie Mulvanity with any questions about the criteria revision process.