2021 revisions to Accreditation Criteria

Timeline and plan

At its November 19-20, 2020 meeting, the Council on Education for Public Health agreed to a plan and process for revising its Accreditation Criteria for Schools and Programs of Public Health.

The 2016 revisions were considered quite substantive, and accredited units will still be undergoing the first review with these criteria through December 2025; therefore, this review will generally seek to clarify existing Council interpretations and better explain areas of common misunderstanding or confusion. The table below presents a summary of the intended scope of the revisions.

Within intended scope of 2021 revision Not within intended scope
Clarifying confusing or commonly misunderstood language in criteria or documentation requests, including competency statements as appropriate Revising substance of foundational knowledge, competencies, or bachelor’s curriculum (e.g., no adding or removing competencies)
Making implicit, intended requirements (consistent interpretations) explicit in criterion language, including competency statements as appropriate Removing substantive requirements, unless they were unintended or are truly not meaningful
Removing unintended duplication Adding new requirements
Removing confusing language or concepts
Streamlining language and documentation requests to focus on Council’s intent & goals for each criterion

Planned schedule:

3/8/2021 Council adopts draft of revised criteria to send out for public comment
3/22/2021 Draft of revised criteria available for public comment, comment period begins
6/30/2021 Comment period closes
8/26/2021 Council adopts criteria & implementation plan*
9/23/2021 Notice to all accredited units**

* If circumstances warrant, Council may circulate a second draft and implement a second comment period, resulting in later adoption, implementation, and notification.

** Notice will include information on implementation plan. Council does NOT plan to require any type of compliance reporting associated with this revision.