2016 Criteria Small Group Consultations


Based on the requests we’ve been receiving from schools and programs for half-day consult visits, we’ve developed a system to provide the most feedback possible to a greater number of schools and programs through a series of online, group consultations. The consultations will provide institutions with detailed individualized feedback from CEPH staff and allow them to share ideas and strategies with other schools and programs. Each consultation will have up to eight schools or programs participating.

Each participating school or program will submit working drafts of curricular templates at least ten days before the session. At a minimum, participants must submit drafts of Templates D1-1 and D2-2. If you wish to have degrees beyond the MPH reviewed during the online session, contact Olivia Luzzi. We will not be able to accommodate participants who have not submitted draft documents in advance.

During the online session, CEPH staff will work through the templates, highlighting common challenges and useful suggestions, using the materials submitted by the participants.


Two hour consultation sessions are available between March and October.

2018 Small-group online consultation schedule:

Thursday, March 15 11-1:00pm ET
Thursday, March 29 2-4:00pm ET
Wednesday, April 18 2-4:00pm ET
Wednesday, May 2 11-1:00pm ET
Tuesday, May 15 2-4:00pm ET
Thursday, May 31 2-4:00pm ET
Tuesday, June 12 11-1:00pm ET
Friday, June 29 2-4:00pm ET
Friday, July 13 2-4:00pm ET
Friday, August 3 11-1:00pm ET
Friday, August 17 2-4:00pm ET
Friday, September 14 11-1:00pm ET
Thursday, September 27 2-4:00pm ET
Friday, October 5 11-1:00pm ET
Friday, October 19 2-4:00pm ET

*Gray dates are no longer available


To register email Olivia Luzzi with your top three dates. She will confirm your registration, including the date and time, within two business days. The registration fee is $150 per school or program and is nonrefundable. Up to ten individuals from each registered school or program may attend. Registration is not complete until payment has been made.

Click here to pay your registration fee via Paypal using credit or debit. If you require an invoice or need to pay by check, contact Olivia Luzzi.